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Women Abuse Too: A Man’s Experience with Family Abuse

Freud’s psychodynamic theory has, in the past, been a popular explanation as to why an individual would go on to develop devious behavior. According to his theory human behavior is rooted in our experience with our parents. A popular derivative of this concept is that men who hit women do so because they have a dysfunctional hatred of their mother and women who hit men have a dysfunctional need that was not fulfilled by their father. In many cases, including the one below, Freud’s theory rings true.
Example B: The Abusive Family
This next man is no stranger to domestic violence. He has countless stories from early childhood through adulthood of how his parents abused each other and how such abuse had an impact on him. The unpacking of these memories was triggered by one memory that popped up early in adulthood: the memory of his uncle sexually abusing him when he was very young. When he asked his mother whether the experience was real, she explained that it was. She was brief in recou…

Women Abuse Too: A Man’s Experience with Abuse

Domestic violence is finally stepping into the spotlight it has always deserved and while I am thrilled about the prospect of empowering women to identify abusive males, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the other half of abusers: the females.
It’s difficult to understand abuse when you look at it solely through the eyes of gender roles. It is hard for some people to understand how a woman, generally portrayed as small and weak, can abuse a man, generally portrayed as large and unmovable. It is extremely important to view each situation not in terms of gender roles, but in terms of a relationship with two people participating. A person’s physical stature cannot determine whether they are capable of abuse because one would be making assumptions about what a person is capable of. Although domestic violence often culminates in physical abuse: there are many other types of abuse happening simultaneously that break down a person’s mental and physical wellbeing (see: gaslighting, fi…