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5 Things that Happen After you Leave

I have spent the last 6 years of my life dealing with the aftermath of my abusive marriage. SIX. YEARS.
When people told me to leave my relationship, they would coax me with phrases like, “get away from that monster and you’ll never have to see him again” and “there’s no way he’ll get any visitation rights”. I was completely unaware of how untrue most of these statements were. The road was much longer and darker than even I, a very realist of a person, could imagine. Would I have done things differently had I known? Absolutely. Do I wish I had someone to guide me through the process? YOU BET. Even today I find myself longing for the advice of a friend who truly understands. Unfortunately, my circumstances make me an outlier in the DV statistics, so I must suffice with being my own friend. My hope, though, is to be that guide for the next wave of survivors.
1. First comes the legal battle. This is not applicable to everyone. However, if you have children with your abuser, are married, or …