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Evolution of a Monster: According to Ted Bundy

In our current day and age we are overwhelmed with stories about men in power and allegations of sexual assault. The debates fire up because the allegations seem to appear at the most opportunistic of times, such as the case with Brett Kavanaugh and Harvey Weinstein. Our great country has been divided time and time again because people often choose to side with the accused, despite evidence to the contrary.

There is an important history lesson here. The divide that the country faces today is similar to the divide felt decades ago when Ted Bundy stood trial. Despite the overwhelming evidence of his guilt, Bundy had a large group of supporters made up of friends, members of his church congregation and his own family members who did not believe his guilt. They would rally for him until the very end. Valuable lessons can be learned from the Ted Bundy case and applied to current times.

Let's explore further.

Netflix recently released "Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tap…

Sexual Assault in the Suburbs

Women's rights and sexual assault have been trending at higher rates since the #metoo movement fired up for the millionth time in 2017. Except now, with practically the entire planet on social media, more people take notice. Especially when celebrities stand up and speak out about the horrors they endured to get the jobs they have now. I applaud each and every person who has done so. Speaking up still invites ridicule, even in this "modern" age. It's hard. It's tiring. It's expensive.
We all know big cities have crime. We watch enough TV to understand that. When you move to the suburbs, you often do so with your family's safety in mind. The suburbs are a "safe" place to raise a family. Suburbs are ideal in theory: little quaint neighborhoods surrounded by trees with quiet winding streets where the laughter of children can be heard. Everyone goes outside to play. People leave their cars and doors unlocked. Everyone knows everybody and their busine…

My Scars: A Story of Abuse

Warning: This post is descriptive and may trigger emotional responses in people who have experienced or witnessed violence. Please read with caution, or do not read at all.

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