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Stop Making Excuses for Mental Illness

I think it’s pretty clear by now that I’m okay with talking about mental illness. I myself struggle with anxiety and occasionally depression, both of which I have been prone to since my youngest years. I have a regimen with my doctor now and we work together to find a solution for me. The solution often changes as the course of my life changes.
The interesting thing I have learned from having a mental illness is that people like to make excuses for me when I disclose my struggle. The conversation often goes like this:
Me: “Yeah, I have anxiety.”
Person: “Oh, I bet you’re just low on B12. I take this B complex I got from Wal-Mart and it picks me right up! Cures my own anxieties.”
Me: “Well, actually I was born with the propensity and then I was beaten, raped and held hostage by a raging psychopath for over 8 years.”
Person: *awkward pause*
Me: “But yeah I’m sure B Vitamin Complex will fix me right up.”
Why do we do this? Why is it when someone discloses something about themselves that is outs…