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Would YOU Be Quiet? A Question For Domestic Violence Victims

My heart has been heavy these past few weeks. We had a setback in court; the judge’s ruling was neutral. No change. And we need change. Desperately. So of course I looked into an appeal. I sought out one of the best appeals attorney in the state. He found things that we could bring to light and ask the judge to consider. He quoted me a price. I asked about my blogging. He advised against it. His justification? “Although we’ve come further than we have over the last 25 years, there are many judges out there who don’t like a talking victim”.
I told my friends and family about the ruling and my appeal. I told them about the money and how we were going to struggle coughing up another $5000. I talked about how I thought I should take down my blogs because God forbid one strange man or woman with a title might possibly see my words and feel prejudice against me and base their ruling on that prejudice. They might doubt me because I have never said anything about my abuse or they might doubt…