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Just Say No: Holiday Obligations and How to Break the Cycle

It’s December and we are in full-blown holiday mode. Christmas movies, holiday shopping, endless memes about food and family. Some of the posts on social media are cute; sweet pictures of close knit families coming together to celebrate one of the few times a year they’re able to get together. Couples get engaged. Toddlers meet Santa for the first time. For many people it really is the most wonderful time of the year. For others, it is not. For others are caught in the Cycle of Family Obligations.
This cycle is a quarterly push from family you otherwise don’t hear from who suddenly want to get together. What is their motive behind this push? Hard to say. Some are driven by bragging rights…they want to Facebook about the perfect family they have. Some are lonely and have put very little effort into building relationships so they’re just going to force them. Some are controlling. Some are abusive. Some don’t want to face the truth that they come from a broken family. Each cycle is diffe…