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Mourning a parent who's still alive

When you have a parent who dies a lot of things happen. There is a funeral, a final goodbye, time with family and friends, remembering the good times you had with that person and a transition into a life without them. But what happens when you're forced to go about this process backwards?

It's a story that is familiar to me. In my time of talking with people from all the walks of life I seem to stumble upon this story over and over. It appears that many people are walking around in life with only one decent relationship with their parent (while many have no relationships at all). It has caused me to wonder why we, as people, don't talk about this more? This isn't exactly a conversation you can have with friends over coffee. This isn't a type of loss that many bloggers or reporters cover. There are very few articles about parental elimination. In my time of internet trolling I have come across only a handful of articles about this topic. They refer to as "ghosti…